Gifts For Soccer Players

Shopping gifts for a soccer player? Look no further than! Whether shopping for an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned pro, our selection of top-tier equipment, apparel, and accessories make it easy to find that perfect item that shows your support.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Equipment Essentials: Every soccer player needs well-chosen equipment like durable soccer balls, protective shin guards, and goalie gloves tailored to their playing conditions and position.
  • Functional Apparel: Investing in high-quality jerseys, performance footwear, and moisture-wicking clothing supports a player's comfort and performance, enhancing their overall game experience.
  • Practical Accessories: Accessories such as soccer bags, water bottles, and portable goal nets provide practical benefits that make playing and training for soccer more convenient and enjoyable.

Essential Soccer Equipment

Soccer Ball

When selecting a ball, consider the player’s usual playing surface—grass, turf, or indoor—as well as any league requirements to ensure the ball meets the necessary specifications. For regular practice, choose a training ball like the PUMA Orbita 6 MS Ball, designed for durability with its machine-stitched 32 panels and TPU outer surface. These features make it well-suited to withstand repeated use on various surfaces without losing its shape or air retention. On the other hand, official match balls are crafted for optimal performance, offering better flight and control to suit competitive play.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are available in different styles that cater to player preference and positional requirements. Slip-in guards like the Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards offer more mobility and are favored by advanced players who can handle less protection. Meanwhile, ankle-guard models provide extra coverage for beginners or those playing in rougher conditions.

Goalie Gloves

High-quality goalkeeper gloves feature advanced grip technology to aid in catching and holding the ball under various playing conditions. If you are buying gloves for a goalie, consider options like the PUMA Future Ultimate NC Goalkeeper Gloves, which offer a snug fit without restricting finger movement. These gloves are equipped with 4mm ELITE+ DUAL GRIP latex that includes extra sticky matter particles for excellent grip in all weather conditions.

Top Apparel Picks For Soccer Players


When choosing a soccer jersey as a gift, consider the player's favorite team or player for a personalized touch. Look for jerseys made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials to ensure comfort during play. The fit should be considered; jerseys generally come in a standard fit for casual wear or a tighter performance fit for playing. Additionally, opting for an official jersey from will ensure authenticity and quality, making it a special gift for any soccer enthusiast. For younger fans of Mexican giants Chivas, the Puma Chivas 23/24 Youth Home Jersey is an excellent choice.


When choosing soccer cleats as a gift, consider the player's position and playing surface. For defenders, prioritize cleats that offer good grip and stability, while midfielders might appreciate cleats that provide comfort for running and quick direction changes. For strikers, look for lightweight cleats that enhance speed and ball control. Check whether the cleats are designed for grass or artificial turf, as the stud configuration differs. Finally, ensure you know the correct shoe size and refer to our return policy in case of sizing issues.

Turf Shoes

When choosing turf shoes for a soccer player, consider the specific type of synthetic turf they will be playing on. Look for shoes like the Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy 30 Anniversary Turf Shoes, which have a rubber outsole optimized for traction on turf surfaces. These shoes feature small, densely packed patterns on the sole designed to maximize stability and grip on artificial turf. 

It’s also important to select a shoe that offers good cushioning and support to help prevent joint strain during play on the harder turf surface. The upper part of the shoe should also be durable and offer a good feel for the ball, enhancing control during games and practices. Lastly, ensure the fit is snug but comfortable.

Training Clothes

When choosing gifts for soccer players, it’s essential to consider apparel that not only looks good but also enhances performance and comfort during play. Here are some of our recommendations: 

  • T-Shirts and Tank Tops: Perfect for training or casual wear, these tops are crafted from lightweight, sweat-wicking materials that help keep a player cool and dry, even during intense play. Available in a variety of styles, they cater to individual preferences and the specific needs of soccer players.
  • Compression Wear: Items such as compression shorts, sleeves, and tights are ideal for any soccer player looking to enhance performance and speed up recovery. The snug fit supports efficient moisture management while helping to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Grip Socks: Grip socks are specially designed to enhance performance by providing extra traction between the foot and the shoe. These socks feature non-slip pads or grippy materials on the sole, which help reduce slippage inside the boot during rapid changes of direction, sprints, and kicks.
  • Outerwear: Opt for jackets and hoodies with features like breathable panels and lightweight, thermal fabrics to keep the player warm. It's also beneficial to select outerwear with a flexible, ergonomic design that allows for unrestricted movement. You may also want to consider the style and colors that match the player's personal preferences.

Best Accessories For Soccer Enthusiasts

Soccer Bags

Look for soccer bags that offer separate compartments for dirty boots and wet clothes. Some bags also include insulated sections for keeping drinks cool and additional pockets for valuables and equipment like shin guards and gloves. A well-designed bag makes it easier to transport gear and keeps them in good condition.

The adidas Defender IV Medium Duffel Bag is a great choice, featuring multiple zippered pockets for ample storage space and a water-resistant base to keep your belongings dry. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and is built from durable material that stands up to wear and tear. 

Water Bottles

A high-quality water bottle that keeps drinks cold for hours can make a big difference in maintaining performance and recovery. Look for bottles that are durable, easy to clean, and BPA-free. Consider bottles with features like insulation, leak-proof caps, and easy-access drinking spouts that can be used even during intense training sessions.


When selecting a cap for a soccer player, consider functionality and style. Choose a cap with a breathable material like polyester or mesh to keep the player cool and comfortable during outdoor practices and games. A cap with a moisture-wicking sweatband inside is also ideal, as it helps absorb sweat and keeps it from running down the face. Opt for a design with a curved visor to provide adequate sun protection for the eyes. Additionally, consider the player’s personal style or team colors to make the gift more thoughtful and personal.

For fans of Argentina, the adidas Argentina Cap would be a perfect choice. It features a pre-curved brim for sun protection and an adjustable back strap for a custom fit, all while showing off the iconic blue and white colors and embroidered crest of the Argentina soccer team.

Outdoor And Travel Gear For Soccer Tournaments

Pop-Up Goal Net

When choosing a pop-up goal net as a soccer player's gift, consider its size and portability. Opt for nets that include a travel bag to make taking it places easier, pegs for anchoring on grass surfaces, elastic anchor tethers, and Velcro fasteners to hold the goal in the folded position.

Ball Pump

If you're buying a ball pump for a soccer player, select a durable and efficient one. A dual-action pump, like the Nike Hyperspeed Swoosh Ball Pump, compresses air for quick filling, saving time and effort. Portability is also important, so consider a compact design that can easily fit into a sports bag. Lastly, a pump with an ergonomic handle and a built-in pressure gauge can help accurately measure ball pressure.

Stadium Ball Bag

Traveling with multiple soccer balls is a common scenario for coaches and teams. A stadium ball bag offers a convenient solution for transporting several balls at once, ideal for team practices and matches. These bags are typically designed with sturdy materials and feature compartments that separate clean balls from used ones. Additional features like adjustable straps and reinforced bases enhance comfort and durability during transport.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gift For A Soccer Player

Player’s Position And Needs

It’s crucial to consider the player’s specific position on the field when selecting a gift. Here are some great gift ideas based on a player’s position:

  • Goalkeepers: Specialized gloves with advanced grip and cushioning protect a goalie’s hands and improve ball handling. Padded jerseys, meanwhile, shield against the impacts of dives and collisions.
  • Defenders: Defenders benefit from equipment that enhances their strength and defensive abilities. Shin guards with extra ankle support help protect against tackles, while cleats designed for stability aid in maintaining balance during physical play. 
  • Midfielders: Cleats that combine comfort with good ball control are essential for midfielders. Training tools like agility ladders and cones also help improve their quickness and footwork.
  • Forwards/Strikers: Forwards or strikers require gear that maximizes their speed and accuracy. Lightweight cleats help enhance their agility in making runs toward the goal, while rebounder nets are excellent for practicing shooting and refining volley techniques. 


Gift-giving doesn't have to break the bank. There are plenty of options available for every budget. Affordable gifts might include basic soccer balls, water bottles, or caps, while mid-range items could encompass branded jerseys and quality shin guards. For those willing to splurge, consider high-end cleats or a top-tier soccer bag. Whatever your budget, there is a range of choices that can make a significant impact on the player's game and daily routine.

Age And Skill Level

It's also important to match the gift to the player's age and skill level. Younger players might enjoy fun and colorful equipment that makes soccer exciting. For more serious, competitive players, technical gear that enhances performance would be more suitable. Always ensure that the equipment, clothing, or accessory is appropriate for the player’s level of play to ensure it enhances their experience rather than hindering it.

Read also:

What gifts do you get for a soccer fan?

Soccer fans typically love items that showcase their support to their favorite teams. Popular gifts include team jerseys, scarves, and caps.

What are the best soccer training aids?

Agility ladders and cones are great for enhancing footwork and speed, crucial attributes for any player. Tactical boards help in strategizing and understanding play formations, making them useful for both players and coaches. Rebound nets improve ball control and passing accuracy, simulating real-game scenarios.

What gifts are suitable for young soccer players?

Colorful soccer equipment makes practice more enjoyable for young soccer players. Training balls specifically designed for younger players can also help develop their skills appropriately.

What are essential cold weather gear for soccer players?

Playing soccer in cold weather requires proper attire to maintain body warmth. Thermal base layers help retain body heat while allowing mobility. Soccer-specific gloves and beanies protect the extremities, which are most vulnerable to cold. Neck warmers and insulated jackets also provide additional warmth during chilly game days or practices.

What is the best recovery equipment for soccer players?

Foam rollers and muscle massagers are great recovery equipment, loosening tight muscles and increasing blood flow in sore areas. Compression garments, on the other hand, help reduce muscle fatigue and swelling by promoting better blood circulation.

How do you pick a soccer jersey for someone else?

Consider their favorite team or player when choosing a soccer jersey for someone else. It's also equally important to select the correct jersey size. You can do this by checking size charts or using the recipient's existing jerseys as a guide. Additionally, opting for a jersey from a significant season or with special edition designs can make the gift even more special and memorable.