Field Player Soccer Gloves For Kids

Are you a dedicated soccer player looking to enhance your performance on the field while staying stylish simultaneously? Look no further than field player soccer gloves - the hidden gem that can take your game to the next level. At, we understand the importance of having the right gear to unlock your full potential on the pitch. That's why we proudly offer a range of top-quality field player soccer gloves from leading brands like Nike, adidas, and PUMA.

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Understanding Field Player Gloves vs. Goalkeeper Gloves

There are two main types of soccer gloves that players use on the field: field player gloves and goalkeeper gloves. Each serves a unique purpose and is designed to cater to the specific needs of the player wearing it.

Field Player Gloves:

Field player gloves are primarily worn by outfield players such as strikers, midfielders, and defenders. These gloves are designed to provide added grip and protection while allowing maximum dexterity and touch.

One of the key features of field player gloves is the warmth they provide. They can be worn in various weather conditions; whether it's a cold winter game or a wet rainy match, these gloves will keep your hands warm and dry without hindering your performance on the field. This thin material ensures that players have a natural feel for the ball and do not compromise their ability to control it. The grip on these gloves is also crucial, especially in wet conditions, as it helps prevent the ball from slipping through the player's fingers.

Field player gloves also have thin material, ensuring that players have a natural feel for the ball and do not compromise their ability to control it. The grip on these gloves is also crucial, especially in wet conditions, as it helps prevent the ball from slipping through the player's fingers.

Goalkeeper Gloves:

On the other hand, goalkeeper gloves are specifically designed for goalkeepers who need extra protection and grip when diving to make saves. These gloves are typically thicker and feature more cushioning to absorb the impact of stopping powerful shots.

Goalkeeper gloves also have specialized grip technology on the palms to ensure that goalkeepers can securely catch and hold onto the ball, even in challenging situations. The added wrist support and protection on goalkeeper gloves help prevent injuries during intense game moments.

In conclusion, while both field player gloves and goalkeeper gloves have their unique features and purposes, it's essential for players to choose the right type based on their position and playing style. So, whether you're a striker looking for better control or a goalkeeper needing that extra grip, has got you covered with a wide selection of high-quality soccer gloves you can shop confidently for.

Key Features Of Field Player Soccer Gloves

When it comes to choosing the right field player soccer gloves, several key features to look out for ensure the best possible performance on the field. Here at Upper 90, we prioritize quality and functionality to provide soccer players with the gear they need to excel.

  1. Grip Technology: Field player soccer gloves are designed to provide excellent grip in all weather conditions. Look for gloves with specialized grip technology that enhances ball control and handling, giving you an edge over opponents.
  2. Weather Resistance: Playing soccer means braving different weather conditions, from rain to intense sun. Opt for gloves that are weather-resistant, ensuring they maintain their grip and flexibility regardless of the elements you face on the field.
  3. Comfort and Fit: Comfort is key in field player soccer gloves. Choose gloves that offer a snug and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions. Look for gloves with breathable materials to keep your hands dry and comfortable throughout play.
  4. Durability: Soccer can be a tough sport, and your gear needs to keep up with the demands of the game. Select durable and long-lasting gloves, so you can rely on them game after game.
  5. Style: Who says soccer gear can't be stylish? Field player soccer gloves come in various designs and colors to complement your overall look on the field. Choose a style that matches your personal taste and adds a bit of flair to your game.

Benefits Of Wearing Gloves For Field Players

When it comes to playing soccer, every player knows that having the right gear can make a huge difference in their performance on the field. While goalkeepers are known for wearing gloves, field players can also benefit from having a good pair of soccer gloves. Here are some reasons why field players should consider wearing gloves during their matches:

Weather Resistance And Warmth:

Playing soccer in adverse weather conditions can be challenging, especially when your hands are cold and wet. Field player gloves are often made with weather-resistant materials that can help keep your hands warm and dry, allowing you to focus on your game without being distracted by the elements.

Comfort And Fit:

Modern field player gloves are designed to be lightweight and offer a snug fit, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility while playing. The right pair of gloves should feel like a second skin, allowing you to move freely on the field without any restrictions.

Improved Grip:

Field player soccer gloves are designed to provide a better grip on the ball, especially in wet or cold conditions. When throwing in a ball in rough conditions, having gloves with enhanced grip can give you that extra edge on the field.


Soccer gloves offer improved grip and provide protection for hands during physical gameplay. Whether diving for a ball, blocking a shot, or jostling with opponents, wearing gloves can help prevent hand injuries and abrasions.

Common Materials Used In Soccer Gloves

Regarding field player soccer gloves, the materials used are crucial in their performance and durability. Here are some common materials you'll find in soccer gloves:

1. Silicone

Silicone is increasingly popular in soccer gloves for its superior grip and durability. The material offers a sticky surface, enhancing ball control even in wet conditions. Silicone gloves are known for their ability to maintain grip over extended use, making them a reliable choice for players looking for consistency and performance.

2. Latex:

Latex is a popular material for soccer gloves due to its excellent grip properties. It provides a tacky surface that allows players to have a firm hold on the ball. Latex gloves are commonly used in various weather conditions and are known for their flexibility and responsiveness.

3. Neoprene:

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material often found in soccer gloves' backhands. It offers excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasions, making it a durable choice for field players. Neoprene gloves are preferred for their ability to provide protection while maintaining a comfortable fit.

4. Polyurethane (PU):

Polyurethane (PU) is used in the construction of soccer gloves' backhand and palm. It is known for its strength and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for players who need durable gloves. PU gloves offer a good balance of protection and flexibility on the field.

5. Mesh:

Mesh fabric is commonly used to construct soccer gloves for breathability and moisture management. Gloves with mesh panels allow airflow, keeping hands cool and dry during intense gameplay. This lightweight material is favored by players who prefer gloves that offer ventilation.

6. Spandex:

Spandex is often incorporated into soccer gloves to provide a snug and comfortable fit. It adds stretchiness to the gloves, allowing for a full range of motion without compromising grip or durability. Field players appreciate the flexibility and comfort that spandex offers during matches.

Choosing the right material for your field player soccer gloves can significantly improve your performance on the field. Consider the conditions you'll be playing in and your style when selecting the best gloves for your game.

Evaluating Fit And Comfort

When selecting the perfect field player soccer gloves, evaluating fit and comfort is crucial. A well-fitted pair of gloves can make all the difference in your performance on the field.

First and foremost, consider the sizing of the gloves. Choosing a size that provides a snug but not restrictive fit is essential. Gloves that are too small can be uncomfortable and limit your movement, while oversized gloves may affect your grip and control of the ball. Look for gloves with adjustable wrist straps or closures to ensure a customizable fit.

Next, pay attention to the materials used to construct the gloves. Opt for gloves made from breathable materials like mesh or polyester, as they can help wick away moisture and keep your hands dry during intense gameplay. Additionally, choose gloves with fleece lining for added warmth on the coldest days.

Comfort is key when it comes to field player soccer gloves. Look for gloves with a seamless design to minimize irritation and chafing. A pre-curved shape can also enhance comfort and ensure a natural feel when gripping the ball. Test the gloves by flexing your hands and fingers to ensure they allow for unrestricted movement.

Read also:

What are field player soccer gloves?

Field player soccer gloves are specialized gloves designed for soccer players who are not goalkeepers. These gloves provide warmth, grip, and protection from the elements, helping players maintain control and efficiency during play.

Why do soccer field players wear gloves?

Soccer field players wear gloves primarily for warmth in cold weather conditions and to maintain a better grip on the ball when throwing it in. Additionally, gloves can offer a layer of protection from scraping or turf burns during slides and tumbles.

What features are important in field player soccer gloves?

Important features in field player soccer gloves include thermal insulation, water resistance, and enhanced grip. A snug fit and flexibility are also critical to ensuring the gloves do not hinder the player’s dexterity and ball handling.

How do I choose the right size for soccer gloves?

To choose the right size for soccer gloves, measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Compare this measurement with the size guide provided with the gloves. Ensure that the gloves fit snugly while still allowing full movement of your fingers.

Can field player gloves improve my performance?

While field player gloves are mainly for protection and warmth, their improved grip and comfort can indirectly enhance performance, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Are field player gloves necessary in warm weather?

Field player gloves are not typically necessary in warm weather. However, for players seeking additional grip during throw-ins or those who want extra protection, lightweight gloves might be beneficial regardless of the temperature.