Charly Atlas 22/23 Bi-Campeon Long Sleeve Jersey

SKU: CHAR-5019573-S

VENDOR: Charly

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Charly Atlas 22/23 Bi-Campeon Long Sleeve Jersey

Made of history. We have never let go, we have always been faithful, proudly wearing the colors red and black as our own skin.

Let's continue enjoying this golden era that marked a new beginning on May 29, 2021, and that inspired us to achieve the second victory that we will always carry in our memory and in our hearts, and we are sure that we will not stop, because "Together today we create and transform history". Atlas F.C

The new Atlas Bi-Champion 22-23 Special Edition Jersey is inspired by the representative and classic red and black design through its distinctive colors, as well as its vertical stripe embodied throughout its silhouette. It has an elegant design with long sleeves, a polo neck, and fascinating and sophisticated details in a gilded tone that provides a special contrast and that subtly surrounds the cuffs, neck, and logo, alluding to the glory of triumphs achieved by La Academia. On its sides, it features unique details with the legend of the tournaments in which they won the AP21 CL 22 bi-championship and its emblematic Liga Mx Champion Official emblems on both sleeves, superimposed with a special embroidered design, as well as their 3 iconic textured stars embossed to the touch.

A skin full of memories is the best armor, which is why this Special Edition is our new coat of arms. With a unique black design with an embossed texture and outstanding contrasting gilded details, along with the most representative phrases that have resonated in the minds and hearts of the red and black people.

In addition, its innovative it has innovative technologies such as its quick-drying DRY FACTOR that will keep you dry for longer, ensuring extra freshness: before, during, and after each activity or training thanks to its specialized moisture transfer fabrics. Its NANO GUARD technology provides you with a high level of comfort because it eliminates the bacteria that cause bad odors, allowing your skin to breathe more. Additionally, its UV BLOCK technology helps protect you from ultraviolet rays, giving you all the care your skin requires. In addition, thanks to its FANCODE you can enjoy unique and exclusive content from La Academia!