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Innovation Update: adidas Copa 17

Posted on January 31, 2017

Innovation Update: adidas Copa 17

Don't worry... the Copa Mundial isn't going anywhere.  The Copa 17 is a brand new silo designed to bring the best of the classic Mundial into the modern game.  A marriage of old school class and serious tech, the Copa 17 is a welcome addition to the adidas footwear lineup.

Copa 17.1


It’s pretty simple: If you want the softest, most premium leather for a soccer shoe, you look for k-leather. Kangaroo leather is hailed as the best because it is softer, thinner, and stronger than calf or goat leathers. The biological properties of the leather itself allow for these differences. K-leather fibers are highly uniform which allows the leather to be stretched very thin but retain its strength. One study concluded that even when stretched to 20% of its original thickness, k-leather would retain up to 60% of its original strength. The thinness which can be achieved by using k-leather means the break-in time is very short, and the soft leather molds to the shape of the foot increasing comfort and allowing for a natural feel on the ball.



The most innovative part of the Copa 17.1 is the brand new compression tongue. Taking lessons learned from the Primeknit 2.0 and Ace 16, the knitted tongue wraps around the entire midfoot delivering a soft, engineered fit and added stability. Made from a brand new, tightly knit, thin, soft, rubberized textile called Paiho - also found on the Ace 17 - the tongue gives a modern fit and feel to this heritage style shoe. Here’s the kicker: in another nod to the Copa Mundial it can be worn folded down or flipped up.



In addition to the super soft upper, adidas has included some additional comfort features. First off, foam pads around the ankle provide a plush, cushioned fit. The leather is backed by a lush synthetic suede liner which is soft and comfortable against the foot. Additonally, the Ortholite insole is also lined with synthetic suede for a soft feel underfoot. A super light Sprintframe outsole has a torsion spine for midfoot stability and a flexible forefoot, responsive to the player’s movement. Small, rounded studs reduce stud pressure and allow for smooth ground penetration. The graphic is a nod to the classic World Cup boot, the SG version of the Copa Mundial.



 Copa Tango


Designed with small-sided surfaces in mind, the Tango line brings the stadium to the street. The Copa Tango 17.1 has all the materials featured on the FG version of the shoe (k-leather, compression tongue, all of the comfort features) built on turf and indoor specific outsoles. A suede toe-cap is added for extra durability on the less forgiving turf and court surfaces. The outsole is rubber and features hexagonal traction on both the turf and indoor shoes. Finally, the heel features Boost for added comfort and energy return on harder surfaces.

The adidas Copa 17 is available now!

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