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Innovation Update: adidas ACE 17

Posted on January 5, 2017

Innovation Update: adidas ACE 17 (4)

Building on the spectacularly popular and game changing 16+ Purecontrol, adidas has made a few small tweaks and one big splash with ACE for the new year. For the first time, their Boost technology has made its way on to the soccer field. Master control with ACE 17+.

ACE 17+ Purecontrol


After a bit of a tease which saw the Red Limit launch of the Ace 17+ not change much from the 16+, adidas has worked out the kinks and released the “real” 17+ Purecontrol. The concept remains the same: a laceless design allows for the foot to be as close to the ball as possible, providing a large, clean surface to control, dribble, and strike with. A newly engineered Primeknit vamp features 3D zones and Non-Stop Grip dots to increase texture and enhance control. The big change for ’17 comes with the introduction of a new material in the rest of the upper: a rubberized knit called Paiho. This elasticated material has 4-way stretch to create a one-to-one customized compression fit, and streamlines the look and feel of the shoe.


Seemingly working with the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” adidas kept the overall design of the laceless system intact, while making some minor tweaks to improve on the fit and performance. The 17 Purecut fit ditches the all Primeknit support structure in favor of a more streamlined elasticated cage, which hugs the foot very snugly in place and reduces the overall bulk of the system. The compression fit provides lateral stability without the help of laces and works in tandem with the TPU cage on the outside of the foot which gives extra support in sharp cuts and changes of direction.


Perhaps one of the three stripes’ most popular technical innovations is their Boost foam. Developed for running and widely used across footwear divisions, this is the first FG soccer shoe to feature the technology. Boost was introduced in 2013, and uses a never-before-seen process to turn TPU into a springy, responsive foam. Using pressure and heat, TPU granules are expanded into the oval shaped Boost capsules, trapping tiny bubbles of gas inside. These compartments of air make the material cushioned yet extremely elastic so it springs back to shape very quickly, returning energy to the body with each stride. adidas has shown with their research that only 6mm is needed to achieve this energy returning property. The insole itself is 3mm of Boost, and the 2nd layer of 3mm is embedded in the outsole.

23-Nov-18-05cet-Instagram (2)

ACE 17.1 Primeknit



Whereas the Purecontrol hasn’t changed very much from the 16 model, adidas have retuned the 17.1 Primeknit in a few different ways. The boot features Primeknit in the vamp for a natural touch and adaptive fit with some added texture for control. The rest of the upper is an elasticated Controlskin, similar to the Techfit collars found on X 16 and Messi 16+. This new material has allowed adidas to drop the internal sock system from the 16.1 Primeknit for an all around cleaner fit and ball feel. NSG grip dots and coating cover the upper for control in all weather conditions.The Sprintframe outsole does not feature boost, but does have the same GroundControl 3.0 traction pattern as the 17+.

ACE Tango




Not all soccer is played in stadiums… around the world the game is played on beat up turf fields and empty streets. adidas wanted to bring their biggest innovation to those players, along a bit of soccer swag to the streets, and Tango was born. The Ace Tango 17+ Purecontrol has all the technical innovations from the FG model with turf and indoor outsoles. The one difference in the upper is that it is not fully primeknit, rather it features the ControlSkin quarter and Primeknit vamp construction of the 17.1. The internal support system is the same as the 17+ FG, however.


11-Dec-10-05-CET-IG (2)Soccer is increasingly creeping into street culture and fashion. With that in mind, the adidas Tango line aims to bring a bit of performance with streetwear inspired looks. The 17.1 TR is based on the 17.1 Primeknit FG with the same construction of Primeknit in the vamp and ControlSkin wrapping the midfoot and heel. The addition of a full Boost midsole adds comfortable and responsive cushioning for play on street or court, at the gym, or on the walk to the pub.

ACE Players

      • Paul Pogba
      • Mesut Özil
      • Dele Alli
      • Juan Mata
      • Roberto Firmino
      • Renato Sanches
      • Ivan Rakitic
      • Mats Hummels
      • Miralem Pjanić
      • İlkay Gündogan
      • Koke
      • Julian Draxler

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